Friday, April 16, 2021

National Theater Network

The National Theater Network is a horizontal and decentralized organization, which brings together public, private, non-governmental and mixed theaters in Colombia and which promotes cooperation and inter-institutional exchange to generally achieve the purposes that are common to its members.

Pioneers of the culture policy of our nation, many of these sites, between publics and foundations, are a fundamental part of the educational infrastructure of our nation. In these heritage sites combine memory, embodied in architectural sites of great beauty and historical value, with the live and present production of Colombian and international creators.

The management of these theaters is characterized by their commitment to educational processes, the search for new forms of production and the spirit of openness so that different groups of the population participate and make them a point in common. They agree to be committed to the promotion of a richer and more complex culture, where the borders of the classic and the popular, of the traditional and the avant-garde, are intertwined and complemented.

A series of Teatros de Colombia, with the support of the Ministry of Culture, has been promoting the consolidation of an organizational process that generates a space of exchange and confluence for the achievement of common purposes. At present, the network is integrated by 8 theaters that are:

  • Jorge Eliécer Gaitán Theater – Bogotá DC
  • Colsubsidio Theater – Bogotá DC
  • Cristóbal Colón Theater – Bogotá DC
  • Enrique Buenaventura Municipal Theater – Cali
  • Cultural and Convention Center Teatro Los Fundadores – Manizales
  • Teatro 8 de Junio, University of Caldas – Manizales
  • Adolfo Mejía Theater – Cartagena DT
  • Metropolitan Convention Center – Armenia

Vision : In 2017, the National Network of Theaters of Colombia will be a space for inter-institutional and inter-regional cooperation recognized in the national territory and in the Ibero-American sphere as a scenario for the qualification of the scenic production and the representation of the sector, in the different instances of the National Culture System and in other National and International networks. The National Network of Theaters will play an active role in the development of national, regional and local policies and will have a high sense of belonging of its members, achieving the connection of theaters in all regions of the country.

Mission : The National Theater Network aims to contribute in a participatory manner to the orientation and strengthening of local and regional cultural activities and dynamics, the valuation of the country’s heritage and the promotion of cultural diversity through the continuous improvement of policies , plans and programs of the theaters and the expansion of access and enjoyment of cultural goods and services aimed at the community.